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Felt more like a Monday

This morning was damage control, then meeting. After the meeting, there was lunch and more meeting.

We got hammered by thunderstorms last night. The admin building at the Public Works yard took a direct lightning strike. Oddly enough, it blew the one switch in their closet that wasn't on a UPS. The driving rain must have gotten into cables somewhere between Pathways and the AT&T central office 'cause one of their T1s was bouncing up and down during the deluge (and started doing it again this afternoon with today's afternoon rain). That one sorted itself out all on its own over night. Things must have gotten zappy-zappy at UHSSE as a switch there also got smoked. And at City Hall a card in the ATM switch chose last night as its time to die.

Thankfully, though the gods of networking decided to be merely mischievous and tricksy; they were not downright cruel. We had exactly as many fires to fight this morning as I had bodies to throw at them. Pat went to the yard, Kevin went to UHSSE*, and I hoofed it down to City Hall.

The meetings revolved around the city-wide WiFi network project. Progress is being made. There is hope of concluding an agreement for pole access with CL&P (the local power company) in the next couple of weeks. We may even have a network by Labor Day. The second meeting consisted of the PM, the Mayor's chief of staff, and me. I still don't entirely agree with the idea of validating residency against voter lists as the test for gaining free access, but I now know that the chief of staff has thought this through thoroughly.

There are more storms moving through tonight, so we'll have to see what my network looks like tomorrow morning. It does make it hard to advance your project work when you spend the first half of the day putting the pieces back together.

* UHSSE -- the University High School for Science and Engineering, an interdistrict magnet school run by the Hartford Public Schools and the University of Hartford -- is presently squatting on the campus of the olde Hartford College for Women, now owned by U of H. Our T1 terminates a couple buildings over from where the school is, in a basement that's just a trip ... as long as you remain firm in your belief that Alien and Doom are just works of fiction. I should take a camera down there some time. Oh, and I should make an excuse to snap some shots in no. 80 Coventry St. Now there is one scary-ass building.

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