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Stir-fried random

Today a random LJer (lovelymuffy) dropped a comment on one of my posts... seems she's a fellow GHS grad (class of '87) and wanted to hear what the town was like. She struck the comment before I could reply, but that got me on the trail of finding out who she was, and poking around in the LJs of other people who claim a GHS connection.

Through 10wishesshort's journal I hit the g_bury LJ community and her post of a link to masquerade ball pics.

Wow. Looking through them I saw analogs to a lot of the people I went through GHS (and UConn) with. Granted, this is just based on appearances, but I spotted a latter day version of my self, britgeekgrrl, Karen, Amanda, matociquala, and others. Just goes to show that there really only are about 200 different faces out there.

However, the majikshop can rest easy. I saw no one who even looked remotely like him :-)

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