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Well, that changes things...

I was going to post something fairly cranky about work, but the universe just gave a real hard poke to my RESET PERSPECTIVE button.

I had one of those stop-you-in-your-tracks conversations with our HR analyst this morning. The position I have been trying to fill for neigh unto two years looks no closer to being filled than it did a year ago. The HR man says that he has only two applicants -- one internal candidate I don't want, and one external candidate who obviously applied based on the job title (Sr. Systems Analyst) and not what the job content says (network tech). That's probably half of the problem right there -- the utterly broken position titles we have to deal with on the City side of the organization. The other half of the problem is that due to the City's contract with the union with which this job is affiliated: no one with less than an Associates Degree can even apply. This would lock out four of the five sharpest networking people I know. I'm not sure what I can do with this trainwreck of a position.

At eleven this morning it all seemed terribly important. In fact, it left me so frustrated that I spent the afternoon slinging equipment in the store room -- getting asset information for the switches we just pulled out of Hartford High, testing them, cleaning them, shelving them, and sending a handful off to the recycling pile. It was a good way to spend the afternoon. And, presently I am (selfishly) happy that the worst thing my day dealt me was bureaucratic heartburn.

The present generation of terrorists -- men and women who think that a proper target is a crowd of civilians -- make the 1970s and '80s IRA campaign of London car-bombings look civilized. (The IRA would plant their bombs at night, call in a bomb threat, and blow up a vacant office building in the wee hours of the morning.) But, yanno, no matter the cause, people who blow up civilians are fuckers -- the lot of them.

Here's a little advice for you Kashmiri separatist fuckers. You want to make the people who have the power to change things in India sit up and take notice? Start blowing up members of the Tata family. Or members of any of the other Indian industrial baronies. And the poor schmucks riding on a commuter train, who are just trying to make a living? Leave them alone. They can't change anything and killing them doesn't make you any friends. Stupid fuckers.

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