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Thanksgiving night, oh about eleven o'clock, the misses observes that "it's not a holiday until you get called into Hartford." Indeed.

I have a cron job on my NMS box that tails the data log from the UPS looking at the temperature. When the computer room is at normal temp (~70°F) the UPS's innards are reliably 12-15 degrees warmer than the room. When the room gets to over 105°F, inside and outside temperatures are pretty much equal. From this I can do a fair approximation of the temperature of the room from the temperature of the UPS.

The UPS hit 90° (room ~80°) at around 8:50, which got me an ALARM email on my pager. At about 10:30 the UPS hit 100° (room > 90°) and I got a CRITICAL.

We have a the simplest kind of A/C in the computer room -- a fan coil unit -- it takes chilled water from the building's supply and sucks the room air across it. Two moving parts: the blower and the chilled water control valve. When the room heats up it has, so far, meant one thing: there isn't enough pressure in the building's chilled water supply to push cold water all the way up to our computer room on the 8th floor.

So, I called building security and told them what I thought was going on. They, in turn, called the building chief engineer at home. Security called back. You have to come in an verify the problem in person before we'll do anything. Thanks.

Hop in the truck with a wife, a fan, and an extension cord. Bless her heart for the company. This gets us to her opening observation.

We were in the building for all of fifteen minutes. Long enough to verify that the A/C was blowing and the chilled water valve was 100% open, set up the fan in the computer room door, and tell the building staff yup, it's your problem. Then we left.

Thirty minutes later I got a call at home from the chief engineer: there was no pressure differential between the chilled water supply coming from the street, and the return. They put a call into the Hartford Steam Co. (who adjusted their pump pressures) et violá, we're making cold air again.

I spent another twenty minutes watching the temperature log, and then packed it in around 12:15 Friday morning.

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