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Monday Re-runs.

Today had a very familiar feel -- kind of Summer of '05 reprise. I spent the morning (post-staff meeting) wading through composing PO reqs for two school construction projects, and the afternoon handling invoices and E-Rate paperwork. Though, it will be a short re-run. We have just two small projects that are new -- the annex to West Middle Elementary School is, well, annexing another floor of the building it occupies; and University High School for Science & Engineering, their new building receding farther and farther away as their prospective neighbors tie the project up at the DEP, is adding a dozen modular classrooms to accommodate another hundred kids -- and there just isn't that much to buy for them!

I would enjoy the opportunity to take a screwdriver to something before I forget which end of said tool you wrap your hand around.


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Jul. 11th, 2006 03:48 am (UTC)
Rhea Brandenburg??
Hi, this comment has nothing to do with your post, but i stumbled upon your website when i googled my name, Rhea Brandenburg. I was very surprised to see my name used in your role player game, mostly because it is such an unusual name and i was wondering where you got it from. Did you just make it up, or did you find it somewhere? I'm pretty sure i don't know you, so it's unlikely that you got it from me. Maybe you could email me. My address is rheabrandenburg@gmail.com I can't help feeling like Homer Simpson coming across the Mr. Sparkle box.
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