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Game Glut

OK, this is bordering on the unreal. Being the guy who, for many years, felt like he had one good plot idea a year it seems bloody baffling that I have five, count'em five games in various states of play and development:
  • Threads & Shadows (alternate Call of Cthulhu) 1920s - have been running for seven years on Halloween, this year is already plotted and next year is shaping up.
  • Threads & Shadows 1998 - 2004+ - have run two story-arcs in this setting and an ongoing series of one-shots. I'm now working two lines of one-shot adventures together (one with ashacat and matociquala and the other with ashacat and taichigeek) to start a third arc.
  • Star Trek: USS Sakhet - a pre-TNG game set on a mid-sized (~200 crew) exploration ship 16 years prior to TNG. Not run yet, but a half-dozen sessions are in outline
  • Threads & Shadows sci-fi - an alternate continuity set in the far future. A blend of Alien/Aliens and Elizabeth Moon's Trading in Danger universe. Also not run, but the entire campaign is outlined and plotted.
  • Call of Cthulhu cold war - set in 1962, a group of Western agents are tasked with recovering Nazi research papers from a bunker in the East, starting a trail of discovery that leads to things man was not meant to know and a race to save the world. In early development -- I'm boning up on early '60s cold war events; the first session is outlined; the general shape of the arc is making itself known.
...The last three are in the prospectus I sent out to our once-a-month gaming group for their votes. Hopefully by next weekend I'll know which one is their choice. Then I get to ready that and start looking for players for the other two. :-)
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