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Eh day, better evening...

The day job is entirely not worth commenting on today, except to say that it was wall-to-wall deep-pile meetings, and of the three, the one in the middle sucked rocks.

I am, however, having a better evening. I had a glimmer of inspiration while folding laundry after dinner (and listening to Alphaville turned up very loud). You see, with our usual monthly gaming group GM on the sidelines with a new baby, there has been a general gesturing of me toward GM's seat by said GM. We recently invited two new players (a husband and wife duo) into the group. I have two moderately well developed ideas for games -- a pre-TNG Star Trek game, and an Aliens-esq space horror game -- but I have wanted to present the players with a third option.*

The outlines of the third option started to reveal themselves over the t-shirts and bath towels. Cold War Cthulhu. I have to credit autopope's story A Colder War for getting me thinking in that direction. I'm thinking 1962, with the campaign starting in Allied-controlled west Berlin. The first mission being to retrieve something from the east side that Ivan must not have. Oh, this could be good. All of the comfortable conventions of cold war espionage shaken up by contact with eldrich horror and implacable evil from beyond space and time.

* We have for some time done game selection by 'prospectus': everyone gets the writeups for the possible games, and everyone rates each prospective game concept on a 0-5 scale. A five means "this is coolest thing I have ever heard - I totally want to play this!"; a three is "sounds fine"; down to a 1 equaling "I'll play it if everyone else wants to". A zero is a veto -- "Nope, I'm not playing this, no way, no how". If a game concept gets even one zero it's out. The highest vote-getter is what we play.
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