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The week in review

As first-weeks back from vacation go, this one treated me pretty well.

On Monday I had to go out to Milner school on an equipment problem. On Wednesday I had to go out to Milner again on the same problem. But, this time Kevin and I swapped the CPU card on the switch. We brought the card back to the shop, and Kevin was able to reproduce the bizarre "all of my line cards have errors" problem with our spare switch. So, a problem that has bugged us every couple of months since we installed the switch in November should be licked. To top it off, Nortel only wants $738 to fix the bad CPU card, which would otherwise cost $9,447 to replace.

No one is (yet) exploding over our choice last week to select Nortel as primary equipment supplier for the Hartford Citizen WiFi network. ...That was one piece of work that I had to do during vacation. But as it all came down to numbers in the end, it was something that I could do on the phone with our project manager. He read me the numbers from IBM's estimates for building the pilot network with Nortel gear and with Cisco gear. I said "yep, Nortel's is lower we'll go with them" and that was that.

I got most of the year-end paperwork pushed that I needed to, including submitting my vacation carryover form. Perhaps most critically, I hand-carried invoices over to the BoE Special Funds office for them to pay with grant funds from the State that expire on 6/30. I have some more invoices to process next week, and meeting with one of our vendors to help them with their invoices, but all-in-all we are heading into the fiscal year-end in good shape. The fun in July will be getting finance to roll my unused funds from this year into next year (something they are supposed to do, but have never done). I have one of two reviews written (I whimped out and wrote the easy one first).

Yesterday, I may have cursed myself. Middle of last week AT&T "resolved" a problem we had been having with the T1 line out to the north Police substation. It had been rock-solid for a week and a half after that. So, at the 9:00 AM project meeting I pronounced the intermittent failures fixed, and told the voice guys that they could go ahead with installing phones whenever they wanted. Promptly at 12:30 the line went down. For twenty-one hours. And then it flapped a few times, but is presently up. Sheeeit. I had thought that with the Milner fix, getting Classical Magnet cut over onto their new fiber connection, and the North substation problem put to bed, I could declare a trifecta of long-running problems vanquished in June. I guess I'll have to be satisfied with a two-fer.

On the not-at-work front, on Sunday and Monday matociquala and commodorified paid us visits. Always a pleasure to meet someone new!

Wednesday evening I spent a few hours helping my dad and two other GPIP volunteers planting three trees along Main St. in South Glastonbury. One of the nifty historical quirks of Glastonbury, is that our forebears laid down a 99' (six rods) wide right-of-way for Main St. The road only takes up half of that, leaving roughly 20' of right-of-way on both sides that we (Glastonbuy Partners in Planting) can work in (with Town approval) to plant trees. We put in a ~14' Stewartia in front of one business, and couple of evergreens (including a mid-sized spruce with a huuuge root ball) in a spot where the State had taken down a giant diseased hemlock. It's fun work -- even with all of the damned mosquitos!

Thursday, taichigeek and thecoughlin were over. Everyone was very polite and did not mention that I had grilled the burgers to death.

Yesterday I realized that I had 10½ vacation days left. Ten days is something of a magic number on the carryover form (as in, carrying over more than ten days requires more signatures). What to do? Take a half day of course! So, ashacat and I wound up making a massive dump run in the afternoon. I mean, how lame is that? I have a half day off and I go to the dump? Well, doing it yesterday meant that we didn't have to do it this morning in the pouring rain. Yay!

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