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As first days back at work go...

Today was pretty tame, for me.

The morning started with a trip out to Milner school with one of my engineers to resuscitate an 8600 that didn't want to come up right after Milner's Sunday night power outage. There's something intermittently wrong with the CPU card -- we got it going, and have captured log file to prove the problem to Nortel. In the next couple of days we'll swap it out with our spare. Unless, of course, tonight's thunderstorms knock Milner's power out again and the 8600 fails to come up. Then, we'll swap cards on the spot.

Speaking of power, today is the second day of real summer heat in Conn.; there were scattered power problems in the North End again at midday. Apparently a feeder coming into the city from Windsor failed, taking three of my sites down. It is interesting watching a site spiral into the ground -- courtesy of network-accessible UPS units: there goes the UPS with the phones -- there go the data switches -- the core switch has another hour on its UPS -- oh, there that goes too!

The real fun of the day (using the term very loosely) was not mine, but one of our contractors, Josh. The poor guy was the recipient of some road rage from a Hartford local on lower Albany Ave. When Josh communicated his displeasure in the usual fashion (throw hands up, flip 'em the bird) said Hartford denizen stamped on his brakes, burned rubber in reverse to get back to Josh's position, and proceeded to start screaming at him while waving a pistol! Nigger you gonna get yourself killed! This ain't no West Hartford nigger, this is Hartford and you live by Hartford rules nigger!" etc, etc, rant on. Now, this is only funny given that the nutjub broke off the encounter by burning rubber and hauling-ass off, but nigger? Josh is the best fit for cracker in the shop! Sheeze. They don't pay any of us enough to work in this town.

By contrast, the meetings and paper-pushing that filled the rest of my day were mundane beyond words.

ETA: matociquala and commodorified inform me that it wasn't nigger, it was niggah, which in present use is essentially "asshole" and not a racial thing. Go figure.

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