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BOFH mode ON

Deleting stuff is amazingly cathartic. I spent some time trolling the City's main file server tonight while catching up on friends' LJ entries ... I was searching for ~*.*, *.bak and *.wma files, and I wound up whacking 6.46GB worth of stale temp files, backup files, and illicit music.

Then I turned my attention to the Exchange server (which had an almost full c:), and found that the root of the problem was McAfee GroupShield (our email anti-virus software): it had created over 49,000 log files sucking up 7.3GB of disk. Ouch. That was something like 50% of the drive.

TreeSize is a really nifty, lightweight GUI tool for finding folders that are hogging all of your disk. Highly recommended.

I came, I saw, I deleted. And I feel much better.

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